Power Paleoecology Lab & Garrett Herbarium


 The Power Paleoecology Laboratory is housed  within the new  Natural  History Museum of Utah.  The  Power Lab offers a variety  of contract  services for  paleoecological analysis including    vegetation and fire  reconstructions. 

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Plant Identification  
 The Garrett Herbarium is able to identify plant specimens using the collection for  reference material as well as the Garrett Herbarium Library collections.  

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 Vegetation History Analysis 
 We utilized several paleoproxies to reconstruct changes in past vegetation  composition. The primary methods we use are pollen analysis and phytolith  analysis.  The analysis and distribution of the composition and abundance of  different pollen  types can be used to infer past vegetation and climatic change.  

 Phytolith analysis can also be used to infer past vegetation composition and  climatic variability. Pollen and phytolith analysis sampled in conjunction  compliment  each other in that phytoliths tend to preserve well when pollen  does  not and vice  versa.    

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Fire History Reconstruction  
 Macrocharcoal preserved in sediment cores can be analyzed to determine  variability  in  past fire activity and biomass burning. Continuous sampling of  sediments enables  the  assessment of the frequency of charcoal peak events  or  episodes which can be  used  to infer past fire regimes. 

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Tree Ring Analysis 

 Dendrochronology is based on the analysis of tree rings. It can be used to  date the  time at which rings where formed as well as the climate  conditions  during the ring  formation. 

Analysis  On-Campus Price  Off-Campus Price
 Pollen $120  $140
 Phytolith  $45 $65
 Charcoal  $45 $65
 Diatoms $230 $250
 LOI  $7  $10
 Macrofossil ID  $20  $30
 Dendrochronology TBD TDB
 Botanical Survey  TBD  TBD
 Imaging  TBD TBD
      TBD: To Be Determined

Please Contact
Mitchell Power for more information regarding sample analysis and submission. 
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