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Research in the Power Paleoecology Lab focuses on long term spatial and temporal scale ecosystem responses to environmental disturbance including  fire, climate change, and anthropogenic impacts. Current and recently completed research projects include studies in North America (Utah, Wyoming, Colorado), French Guiana, Bolivia, Brazil, and UK.


We use a variety of techniques to reconstruct long-term ecosystem dynamics including historical records, fossil pollen and plant macrofossils, diatoms, phytoliths, dung spores, micro & macrofossil charcoal analysis, stable isotopes (δ13C, δ15N, δ18O), and sediment geochemistry. 

Key research areas include interactions among vegetation, climate, disturbance regimes, and phenology. 

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 Current News 

Hurricane research continues in Tortola

Mitch Power and Josh Mueller just returned from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, conducting field work on their paleotempestology research for the Virgin Island Archipelago.  They were accompanied by a member of Josh's supervisory committee Boris Vanniere, and Josh's undergraduate research assistant Lindsey Blanton.

Welcoming Elizabeth Johnson

The Power Lab is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Johnson, our new collections manager. Elizabeth comes to us from Northern Arizona University where she recently completed her M.S. in Biology focusing on plant systematics. Her research interests include plant systematics, Utah flora, Campanulaceae and Lobelioideae. 


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Research Program Continues in Tortola, BVIs:
March 2014 

Congratulations to Mitch Power and PhD student Josh Mueller for successfully obtaining a SEED Grand through the University of Utah to continue research on paleo-hurricane activity on Tortola, BVIs. 

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Human Disturbance in the Amazon:  
Congratulations to Yoshi Maezumi for obtaining a Post-Doc at the University of Exeter starting Spring of 2015 with Dr. Jose Iriarte http://www.joseiriartearchaeology.net/. Dr. Iriarte, Yoshi and a team of international researchers will be conducting research in Santarem, Brazil during September and October 2014.

Congratulations to Lovina (Ivy) Turney, Power Lab Alumni 
Congratulations to Lovina (Ivy) Turney for successfully defending her Masters Thesis of paleoclimatic change in the Unita Mountains in Spring of 2014. 

 Our research is made possible by support from 



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